A very warm welcome to favourite feast !

Home for all the delicious vegetarian dishes- from starter to dessert; traditional or fusion; classic or modern; cooking or baking; healthy or junk; home or street style, restaurant or dhaba style – all at one place from different parts of the world.

I leave this HOME open for the favourite feast family to browse recipes, discuss doubts or success and share experiences. Any suggestions or requests for recipes are most welcome!

What makes this blog unique?

  1. Only the best recipes are uploaded after trying myself on my family and friends.
  2. Easy language.
  3. Step by step detailed explanation.
  4. Photo description of each step.
  5. Images in the recipes can be hidden just with one click, if not required.
  6. Tips and cautions are mentioned in each recipe to achieve maximum success while cooking the dish.
  7. A detailed description of the texture and/or the taste of the dish.
  8. Perfect measurement of the ingredients.
  9. Specific information on the cooking temperature or flame intensity.
  10. ‘Search’ option is available for easy access of the dish.
  11. Categorized recipes.
  12. Comment section for easy approach.
  13. Quick response to any doubts or quarries.
  14. Each recipe specifies the special equipment (if any) used.

About Me

I am Priyangi Pujara from India. I am ateacher by profession settled in an African country called Malawi widely known as a ‘warm heart of Africa’ for its beauty and pleasant weather round the year.

I strongly believe that…

food is one of the best weapons to win somebody’s heart and receive respect. Once a friend (now my hubby), fell in love with me after eating an Indian sweet called ‘magas’ made by me!

I have won many cooking competitions in the community and on different forums on social media. My family and friends widely appreciate my tasty and innovative dishes. These achievements have earned me a lot of respect and love from the people who know me and has tasted my dishes. I have managed to create my identity as a ‘good cook’ among them.

a cook cannot cook good until s/he is a foodie and has subtle taste buds. You want to explore new dishes only when you are a foodie. And you get familiar with different tastes, textures and flavours only if you explore. And then only you know what exactly you are trying to achieve in the dish you are cooking! I am a big foodie and so is my family! I love to try different cuisines from all around the world. A step further, I try to reproduce the dish that caught my attention and can hardly relax until I achieve the same taste.

need is a mother of creativity. My family and I are vegetarian foodies. Malawi is a country with very few restaurants that too with pretty limited vegetarian dishes on their menu! And NO STREET FOOD at all! How can a foodie survive in such a country? I had no choice, but to learn to cook those dishes from restaurants and streets until their texture and taste matched with the dish from my memory. And that’s how I learned to cook a variety of new dishes.

By now I have a huge collection of recipes in which I have managed to acquire the ultimate taste.

My Vision

I know, there are many people out there in India and abroad who are hygiene-conscious and put their family’s health on the top of their tastes and cravings. There are also many families out of India who have similar cravings of food as us, but there is no place to satisfy them.

My vision is to provide only the TRIED AND TESTED , ONLY THE BEST  and FULL PROOF recipes with minute details, including several tips to all those people so that they can reproduce the dishes right at home, gaining the taste of restaurant and street eateries and satisfy their taste buds while taking care of hygiene and pocket.

My Mission

India has a rich collection of a variety of dishes, having a different version of each dish from family to family, city to city and state to state! Furthermore, each ethnic group has its own collection of dishes with a great amount of flavours and each of them offers a unique taste. 

The same way, each country has its food culture and has distinguished flavours and tastes.

So I am on a mission to spread different food cultures out there through my blog and help my favourite feast family taste, adopt, and enjoy the most flavourful dishes.

 Let the world be as small as a family.